Welcome to the download page for the Windows 10 M$ Spy/Report disabler.
With Windows 10 comes a whole LOT of built-in stuff, that Microsoft decided was a good idea. There's a number of things in place that keeps
reporting to Microsoft what you do, where you surf, how you use your computer, and even how and WHAT you're typing - i.e, keylogger (arguably).
I certainly don't like where this is going, so that's why I created this little nifty utility. To save me time pesonally, since I'm doing LOADS of installations all the time,
If you don't like it, you really don't have to run it :)

VERSION 1.2 2015-08-09:
Removed some tweaks because people couldn't handle it. Check the list below to see what it does.

Some antivirus programs react to it because it's made with AHK. You can always run a VirusTotal scan or a manual one if you like, it's perfectly safe.
This program removes the following from Windows 10. Works on both 32- and 64-bit systems:

  •  Disable "Show me tips about Windows"
  •  Disable "Autocorrect misspelled words" (because we all love autocorrect, right?)
  •  Disable "Highlight misspelled words"
  •  Disable "Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future"
  •  Disable Location module
  •  Access the "Stop getting to know me" feature (disables user tracking and reporting to Microsoft)
  •  Disable "Let websites provide locally relevant content by accessing my language list"
  •  Disable app connector access to contacts
  •  Disable Windows shell experience access to contacts
  •  Disable app connector access to calendar
  •  Disable MMS/text messaging
  •  Disable unsafe wireless sharing
  •  Set "Feedback frequency" to "Never"
  •  Set "Send your device data to Microsoft" to "Basic"
  •  Set Windows Update to notify schedule restart instead of automatic restart
  •  Set Windows Update to defer upgrades
  •  Disable updating to other devices and torrent updates to the internet
  •  Disable Windows Defender automatic reporting
  •  Disable auto-sending malware samples to Microsoft
  •  Disable UAC
  •  Change the keyboard repeat & cursor blink rate
  •  Faster menu showing
  •  Remove the low disk space nagger
  •  Disable Application Experience
  •  Disable Customer experience improvement program
  •  Turn off the Windows startup sound & internal speaker beep
  •  Disable auto-defrag (if you don't use SSD's by now, it's about time you do)
  •  Disable Microsoft Windows feedback
  •  Disable location notification and action dialog
  •  Disable maps notifications & popups
  •  Disable automatic system reboot after update installation
  •  Disable Windows Update automatic scan scheduler
  •  Disable Windows Error Reporting
  •  Disable automatic app update
  •  Disable "Automatically start the Windows Update service when needed to perform scheduled operations such as scans"
  •  Disable SIH
  •  Disable first sign-in animation
  •  Turn off software notifications
  •  Set Windows Update to "allow local admin to choose setting"
  •  Set to always go to the desktop instead of metro when logging into Windows
  •  Turn off notification area cleanup popup
  •  Remove help from Start Menu
  •  Add "Run..." to Start Menu
  •  Remove notifications in Action Center
  •  Turn off feature advertisement
  •  Turn off balloon notifications
  •  Turn off toast notifications
  •  Disable Edge help tips

Installation instructions for Windows 10:

Remember to ALWAYS run it as Administrator in every other edition of Windows aswell, as it won't have the proper access otherwise.
Right-click and choose "Run as Administrator".

For any questions, you can contact me on this e-mail address:

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